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How To Safeguard Your Family In A Culture That Seeks To Destroy Them


Anything in your life that you value you take steps to protect. Your home, your money, your cars, etc. But what about your families and your marriage? What are you doing to actively safeguard your children and your marriage?

We live in a fallen world that is ruled by evil influences that want to deceive us into becoming indifferent to sin. If we are going to avoid becoming a casualty to satan’s attack on the family, we must have a strategy. We can’t be naive, we must lead our family with intention.

In this series Ken and Trudi Blount will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you fortify your family in the fight for your child’s innocence, safeguard your home from cultural anarchy, draw on God’s protective angelic power, and partner with God’s wisdom to recognize the temptations of this world, so you can protect yourself and your loved ones accordingly. Plus, they interview child safety experts to give you practical tips on how to protect your children on the street and on the internet.

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