Training Children That TRUMP The World – DOWNLOAD ONLY


We don’t have to lose our children to the world and sin.

Jesus came to empower us to trump the devil in things concerning health, financial blessing, restoring your mind from hurts and wounds, as well as your family.

Trump is now the president, but “trump” is also a card playing term. To trump means: A playing card of a suit that for the time, outranks the other suits. Something that gives one person, or group the advantage over the other.

In this two-part series, Ken and Trudi will outline specific Bible-based steps and strategies that help you train children that trump the world.

In this series you will learn:

  • How You And Your Spouse Can Work As A Team
  • Training Your Children
  • Listening To Your Children
  • What The Bible Says About Discipline
  • How You And Your Children Can Praise The Lord
  • God’s Grace Concerning You And Your Children

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