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How To’s For Being Great At Being Grand
By Ken & Trudi Blount

2-Part Series

Grandparent Plus is all about helping grandparents be a positive influence in the lives of their children and grandchildren. This series is designed to help grandparents draw on their Godly heritage so they can fulfill the role God has called them to play as nana, papa, grammy or gramps.  Grandparents are called to be more than just loving family members, they are called to be spiritual rocks of stability for their grandkids.

 In Grandparent Plus Ken & Trudi Blount will give you: 

• A Biblical strategy for being a Godly grandparent

• Practical principles for passing along a spiritual heritage to your grandchildren

• Tips to protect the relationship you have with the parents of your grandchildren

• Advice for special circumstances such as divorce and dealing with unsaved parents

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