Ken and Trudi's Testimony


With over 30 years of proven ministry under their belts, Ken and Trudi Blount have a passion to see families healed, equipped, and empowered by Jesus Christ to walk victoriously and make a difference in the darkness of our day.

The gospel is the answer to all the problems of society, but if we are going to bring the gospel to the world, it must first be alive in our homes.

Ken and Trudi's lives were dramatically transformed in 1971, when Trudi met Jesus Christ and was healed from an incurable eye problem. Her eyes had been crossed and her vision was seriously impaired from an accident she experienced at age 4. As she was prayed for and instantly healed, Trudi was able to throw away her glasses and contact lenses and she received perfect 20/20 vision. This miracle greatly impacted Ken, and he received Christ and was delivered from alcoholism.


Their adventure in ministry began as Ken worked with Willie George on The Gospel Bill Show during the 80's and 90’s. Ken played the character, "Nicodemus" on the program. He acted, wrote and directed episodes, and wrote and performed the music for the show. Ken was one of the first artists to film Christian music videos at that time, and his songs became wildly popular. He was a part of over 200 episodes that were broadcast worldwide, reaching millions of kids with the gospel. These episodes live on in rerun broadcasts today.

During the 90's Ken and Trudi were music directors at Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a church plant that grew to over 8,000 people in weekly attendance while they were there.

In 2002 the Lord directed Ken and Trudi to begin their own ministry with an emphasis on family relationships. Since that time they have traveled extensively to churches around the world preaching, teaching, and training Christians about how to connect in their marriages and raise their children to become champions for Christ.

The Blounts have produced a multitude of resources and teachings, including their monthly CD partner resource, Relative, all of which are available for purchase and download on their website and new smart phone app.

Although family, marriage, and parenting is their ministry focus, Ken hasn't left his original roots and mandate to teach children the Word of God and how to worship Jesus.

With his rich history as a singer and songwriter, Ken is now partnering with his son, Joshua, in their music project for kids called, Love Out Loud (LOL). The vision is to produce relevant, fun music for kids that teaches them to sing and worship Jesus "out loud." Available on CD and DVD, the music has a two-fold application. While being great for home use, the DVDs are also designed to use in a children's classroom for church services. LOL is an ongoing music franchise producing new music that is a tremendous resource for churches around the globe.



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