Holy Matrimony – Audio Download



Holy Matrimony

Building and Maintaining a Happy Marriage
by Ken & Trudi Blount.

4-Part Series

Marriage is an institution that should not be taken lightly. Jesus equates a marriage relationship with the relationship He has with the Church. As spouses, we must have proper attitudes about our relationships with each other. God has a perfect set of blueprints you can use to build—or even re-build—your marriage, but He will not force you to follow them. He wants you to give Him permission to be the Architect and the Master Builder of your marriage.

In this four-Part series, Ken and Trudi Blount show you how to focus on the specific God-ordained roles of husbands and wives in a truly “Holy Matrimony.”

  • Part One — Are You a Man, or a Sissy?
    It’s time to stand up and start fulfilling your role as the head of your household. Learn how to be the conqueror your family needs you to be.
  • Part Two — Women Are Watchers
    Women have a God-given ability to see things that no one else can see. Find out what you should be watching for in your husband, your home, and your children.
  • Part Three — Construction Workers Needed
    Families are built from the top down. Ken gives you the practical steps you need to take to construct a successful and happy home life.
  • Part Four — The Well of Wisdom
    Do you ever wish you could give better advice to your spouse? In this message Trudi outlines how you can.



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