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The Parent Company

Principles for Raising a Family that Leaves a Legacy
by Ken & Trudi Blount.

4-Part Series

A godly family is a powerful organization. Just as if you were the director of any corporation, the job you do as the CEO of your family will have an impact (for good or for bad) on your families’ future for years to come.

If you look around the world today you’ll see that the family unit as a whole is dying. And with its death we are witnessing the rise of crime, juvenile delinquency, a worldwide drug epidemic, and more. Because of their disregard in following God’s principles for raising the family, millions of parents have literally handed their families over to the evil influences of this ungodly world. It’s time for families to turn back to the things of God, and turning back has to start with parents.

With the teaching on this four-part set, Ken and Trudi Blount leave no stone unturned when it come to raising a godly family.

In this series you will find:

  • Lessons From The Hebrew For Raising Kids
  • How-To’s For Becoming a Godly Husband and Father
  • How-To’s For Becoming a Godly Wife And Mother
  • 12 Principles For Partnering With God In Raising Kids Who Really Love Him
  • Bible Guideline For Giving Your Child A Spanking

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