Cultivating Your Home For Harvest
By Ken & Trudi Blount

2-Part Series

To understand how to build a successful family it helps to know how a family farm was designed to operate. How so? The world’s first profession was farming. Jesus’ preaching was full of agricultural metaphors that were designed to help us understand how a family should operate.

In this series Ken and Trudi (who both grew up on farms) help you understand how a farm works so you can fully grasp what Jesus was teaching us. They also help you understand how to practically put Jesus’ teaching into practice in your home to grow your family for maximum yield.

 Topics include:

• Co-op: Partnering with God as Landlord.

• Everybody has to work: farm assignments.

• The seed that you sow is the only seed that will grow.

• Cultivating the soil (the heart) to receive the seed.

• How to deal with storms, pests, and weeds (trouble in the family).

• Irrigation: Rain is essential to a healthy crop.

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