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Discovering What A Real Man Of God Looks Like
By Ken Blount

2-Part Series

In every area of family life man has been designed by God to lead. But we can look at the church and see that the opposite is the reality. Did you know that on any given Sunday there are 13 million more adult women than men in church? Why are men abdicating their leadership? 

 The big problem is that men don’t understand what a real man of God is supposed to look like. 

In this series, Ken lays out the 3 characteristics of a real man of God:

01. Be the husband. Learn the characteristics of how women think, and how operating in honor will take your marriage to a new level.

02. Be the father. Experience healing from father wounds so that you can be a father.

03. Be the son. Understanding sonship will free you to “Be the Man!”

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