Greetings in Jesus’ name and thank you for taking the time to read this article. Names are very important. You identify people by the name they were given at birth. Isaiah 9:6 is prophetic about the coming Messiah and the different attributes of His name. It begins by saying His name will be called “Wonderful.”

This word actually means wonder, marvel, or (I love this one) miracle! Listen, Our God is a worker of miracles! It’s what He does! It’s who He is! It’s His name! When I personally met Jesus some 48 years ago it was through a great miracle. I love to tell this story. When Trudi was only 4 years she took a fall that traumatically caused her eyes to cross. Many cosmetic surgeries attempted to correct it but failed. She grew up with incurably crossed eyes.

Trudi dramatically met Jesus about 6 months after we married. One night at a home prayer meeting with her family, (I wasn’t there. I was still living like a heathen) somebody asked her, “Trudi, do you believe Jesus can heal your eyes tonight?” She replied with the right answer. “Yes”, she said. It’s called faith. Faith overcomes the impossible.

They prayed for her and asked God for a miracle. About an hour later, she was walking down the hall. Her eyes were bothering her in an unusual way. She looked in a mirror and saw that her eyes were straight. Not only did Jesus heal her crossed eyes, but her vision went 20/20. She threw her glasses away!

She came home the next day. When she walked in the door she told me, “Look at me.” I said, “Why?” She said, “Look at my eyes.” I looked into those eyes that I knew very well. They were no longer crossed. They no longer looked weak. They were straight. She told me,” Jesus healed me.” How could I deny a miracle? It was a week later when I gave my life to Christ and as they say, the rest is history.

Last week we were preaching at Eagle Mountain Church in Ft. Worth. I told our story again. At the end of the service, the Holy Spirit told us to pray for people with problems in their eyes of any kind. Crossed eyes, blindness, glaucoma, etc…any, and all eye conditions. We laid hands on and prayed for many people.

The next day a lady contacted us with this story. She had 2 failed eye surgeries. The doctors had put a wire in her eyelid to keep it from drooping but it wasn’t working well. But that day she asked Jesus to heal her. She felt nothing then with no change, but that night about 12:30 she woke up and said her eye felt “different. She checked and the wire was gone! The eyelid was going up. She sent us a picture and she looked noticeably different!

God still does miracles! Never discount His power when it comes to the impossible. Just believe it. 

Trudi and I are privileged to tell this story wherever we go. We want to thank the partners of this ministry that help make our going possible.

Have a blessed October!


Ken & Trudi

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