The Accomplished Woman – #15

The “Accomplished Woman” advances in adversity!

Proverbs 31:15 She also rises while it is yet night,

To rise doesn’t just mean to get up before daybreak and cook breakfast. It means to rise again against… to stand up…to stir up… strengthen one’s self and succeed. It’s a spiritual arising.

Night here is referring to the adversity of life!

So it literally means to rise up early against adversity…

I can’t think of any better story than that of my daughter in-law, Sarah. On July the third of 2012, Sarah and her husband, Josh had a routine doctor’s appointment. They were excited that they were going to find out the sex of their baby that was due in 4 months. But their world was shattered that day when they discovered that their precious son’s heart no longer was beating.

Through tears of grief, they made a decision. They valiantly arose and made the choice to advance in their adversity and not build an altar at this devastating event. They made the choice to move forward.

About a week after delivering a still born baby, Sarah had a thought while cutting up an onion in the kitchen. At the time, she was listening to a song called “10,000 reasons”. She thought, “I wonder how many times a day I would have to think of something to be thankful to reach 10,000 in a year?” She discovered the number to be 28 or 29. She decided to write a daily blog that contained a devotional and then give 28-29 reasons why she’s thankful that day.

She published it online not knowing if anyone would ever read it. Amazingly, it reached thousands of people around the world from America to Zambia. She had many reports of women who had lost babies, being healed in their hearts. What had begun as an earth shaking tragedy was transformed into a opportunity to touch lives for Christ. You can find the blog “10 K Reasons” online and on Facebook.

She was quick to arise in her God and advance in adversity. Although their son Felix will never be replaced, 18-months later, a new little gift of life was born into the family.

On December 6, 2014, our little Sunny Joone was born!

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