The Accomplished Woman – #07

Let’s review what we have learned so far.

Proverbs 31 is written in an acrostic of the Hebrew alphabet. This means that, in relation to the listing of the Hebrew letters, we see the representation of God’s idea of the desirable characteristics of women.

It was not just written for women to know the qualities they need to aspire to, but was also written for men so they could know the traits to look for to find a good wife. You could call it “Finding a Good Wife 101”.

We have discussed that a virtuous woman was called in the Hebrew translation “The Accomplished Woman.” This is the image of the possible woman that we might aspire to become.

This woman’s worth is found, not in her appearance or in the opinion that other people might have of her, but in her relationship with Christ. This relationship is the foundation that gives her strength, depth and confidence.

When I was born again, for the first time in my personal life I felt valuable. I grew up with crossed eyes, which produced much hurt. I had a lot of rejection issues.

But the day I found Him (or I should say the day He found me) I realized that if the God of the universe loved and accepted me, why did I care what anyone else thought? I was a somebody; a chayil; a warrior woman. I am somebody now because Jesus lives in me!

We have discussed  that this woman’s value is far above rubies or pearls. Precious stones are rare and hard to find. They must be searched for and uncovered. Effort must be made to obtain them. In the same sense a woman of accomplishment must discover who she is by uncovering her uniqueness.

We’ve also discovered that the accomplished woman is a source of great wisdom. God put a unique wisdom in women; the ability to read between the lines and see things in details that men might not naturally see. The real key to the maturing of this wisdom to the fullest is to develop it through the Word of God and a living relationship with Christ.

There are key women in the Bible who operated in this wisdom. They are known as the matriarchs. Some of the women listed are Rebecca, the wife of Isaac, Rachel, the wife of Jacob and Moses wife, Zipporah. It is interesting to note that each one of these women were found by their future husbands at a well.

To the Jews a well represented wisdom. They also believe that women were given a double portion of wisdom.  So we could say the discovery of their wives by a well represented the double portion of wisdom that these men would need to fulfill their assignment.

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