The Accomplished Woman – #05

Prov. 31:10 Who can find an accomplished woman? For her price (value) is far above rubies.

The “Accomplished Woman” knows she is loved and accepted as an individual. She realizes that she is uniquely created and doesn’t have to compete with anyone. Her life is personalized and precious to Him.

Psalm 45:10-11
10. Listen, daughter! Look closely! Turn your ear toward me. Forget your people, and forget your father’s house.
11. The king longs for your beauty. He is your Lord. Worship him.

There are many scriptures that teach us lessons of how God views us and loves us as individuals. When the Tabernacle was completed, God directed Moses to allow the heads of each of the 12 tribes to bring an offering, one tribe after another on successive days. (Numbers 7:11)

In six long verses, the Bible gives a detailed account of the offering given by the tribe of Judah on the first day. The next six verses tell us that on the second day, the tribe of Issachar brought their offering. It is interesting that the wording is exactly the same for what the tribe of Issachar brought as it was for the tribe of Judah. They brought exactly the same items for offering with identical dimensions.

Read on and you’ll discover that the other ten tribes bring the exact same offering, and each one is listed exactly the same every time. This goes on for 71 verses. (Numbers 7:12-83). 12 times it repeats the same detailed passage.

So, why didn’t God just say that all the 12 tribes brought the exact same offering? It would have saved Him and us a lot of time and repetitive reading, right? But there is a reason God did it this way. God doesn’t waste words. There is significance in everything God says. Every word from God has deeper layers of meaning.

The underlying theme here is that even though each tribe brought the same items, each gift was still distinct and individual to God. He received each gift as if it were the only one. Every offering was precious to Him, and He wanted to give equal honor and appreciation for each individual one.

This is a beautiful picture of how God receives each one of us as individuals. He loves the world, but He loves and created the one. He cherishes every one of us and does not lump us all together.

He loves and values you, so you need to value yourself. See yourself as a unique individual in the eyes of the Lord. He created all the intimate details of your life. He knows the number of hairs on your head! (Matthew 10:20) Your value to Him, just like you are, is infinite. It was worth His own life!

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