Parenting With A Dynasty Mindset – Audio Download



Parenting With A Dynasty Mindset
By Ken & Trudi Blount

2-part Series

Dynasty (noun)
– a line of hereditary rulers;
– a powerful succession from the same family that maintains its position for a considerable time

Each day you are passing things on to your children, things that will affect who they are and the kind of people they will become. What are you passing on?

God’s desire for your family is that you pass on a godly heritage – that your family becomes a dynasty which shapes and affects lives for years to come. Jesus has positioned your family to walk in victory and dominion on this earth, but it’s up to you to set the course to make sure it happens.

In this 2-part series Ken and Trudi will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to nurture, train, teach, and prepare your children to live godly lives and leave a legacy of faith that will last for generations.

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