Parenting Teenagers – Audio Download



Parenting Teenagers

A Parent’s Guide To Helping Your Teenagers Navigate Their Life Through The Rocky Road Of Adolescence
by Ken & Trudi Blount.

Being a parent to a teenager can often feel like an overwhelming job.

The teenage world today is a dark, ugly place. Violence and drug abuse are at all time highs. Gross sexual perversion is just a mouse click away, teenage pregnancies and abortions are common place and major marketing companies are spending millions of dollars and stooping to all time lows in order to grab the attention of unsuspecting kids.

The simple truth is this: Your teenagers need your help! Even though they may not believe that they do your teenagers desperately need your Godly influence, counsel and instruction in their day-in day-out lives.

In Parenting Teenagers, Ken Blount and his ministry team will help you navigate through the challenging parental waters of the world today, offering savvy and practical tips on a wide range of relevant teenage issues.

In this series you will find:

  • The current state of teenage society
  • How a teenager’s brain works
  • The marketing methods the world uses to attract your teenagers
  • Dating and Courtship
  • Sex: The birds, the bees, and beyond
  • Rules for establishing order in a home with teenagers
  • Teenage Boys & Boundaries
  • Teenage Girls & Self Esteem
  • Secular Music: Good or Bad?



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