Purpose – God Isn’t Done Yet!

No matter what you are facing, no matter what you’ve done or how young or old you might be, God is not done with you yet. If you are still breathing (you might want to check and see if you are) you still have purpose for living. But it’s time to get on with it. Let me explain.

Life goes by quickly. It seems like yesterday that I was a young man. But this October I will turn 69 years old. It went by so fast. Looking back, I see so many things differently than I did when I lived them out. Would I change some things? Yes. But I can’t. You cannot change what happened in the past. It’s gone. Somebody said, “You can’t saw sawdust.” It’s so true. You’ve got to let the past go and keep moving.

There is a beautiful scripture that I remember and now speak over my life every day. In fact, I wear a leather bracelet on my left arm to remind me of it. This scripture defines my purpose for living in this stage of life. Let me break it down and tell you what it means to me. My comments are in parenthesis.


Psalm 71:17-18

  1. Oh God, you have taught me from my youth ( I was a young man when I met Jesus. He radically changed the direction of my life. He is so kind and has been so patient to help me every step of the way, through every challenge, even when I didn’t understand) and to this day I declare your wondrous works. (I am still fulfilling what God called me to do as Trudi and I continue to travel and preach and fulfill our ministry and tell our stories.)


  1. Now also, when I am old and grey headed (that’s what I see when I look in the mirror now) forsake me not, until I declare your strength to this generation, your power to everyone who is to come.


(One of the joys in this portion of my life is to be a part of the leadership team in my son’s church, New Song Church, in Oklahoma City. I oversee the children’s ministries and marriage and family ministry. A big part of what I do now is leading the next generation of leaders and imparting to them the things that I’ve learned through all these years.)

Let me close by encouraging you with this: live each day purposefully. God has a specific plan for you, whatever age you might be, to impact your world for good. But it doesn’t just happen. Time is wasting. You’ve got to use the opportunities that are all around you today and rise up in faith believing. Jesus wants to use you mightily, in spite of what has happened in the past.

God is with you. God is in you. You have a high calling and a high purpose. Get your eyes off your challenges. Let’s go! Be who God created you to be. Nobody can do you better than you. And to borrow a well-known brand in closing, just do it!


Thank you partners. May God’s best richly be yours,

Ken & Trudi Blount



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