New Year, New Opportunities

Happy New Year to all! A new year speaks to putting the past in the past and of having a brand new, fresh start. I am excited for the new opportunities and challenges ahead. Let’s do this thing, in Jesus name!

I want to update you on what is happening with us as we enter 2019. It has taken us a little bit longer than planned, but our new kids music worship project is finally done. It is called “Shine a Light” and will be available for purchase in the next few weeks in audio and video formats. All the songs are original and I am thrilled with the way it turned out. I think the variety of the songs is the best we’ve done so far.

Trudi and I are also continuing to travel and preach on family issues, marriage and child training, in churches across America. We are busy booking our schedule for the year but we have added some new responsibilities to our resume.

We are serving as family pastors at the church in Oklahoma City, New Song Church, pastored by our kid’s, Joshua and Sarah Blount. We are overseeing all the kids ministries, student ministries, and also marriage ministry. The church is 4-years old and has grown to over 550 people.

A big part of the vision of New Song Church is having a dynamic children’s ministry. Approximately 40% of our congregation is under the age of 12 which means we have a lot of young families coming to the church. We are busy creating structure for each department and writing lessons. Because of my background in children’s ministry, all this is right down my alley. I love mentoring and developing leaders.

As we travel this year, I am also meeting with leadership teams at many of the churches we go to and coaching them on how to organize, create systems, and have a dynamic vision for their children’s ministry.

Our vision at New Song for our kids is simple but profound. We want them to “Have Fun and Know God.” In my experience, children’s ministry is the most underestimated and underdeveloped of any department in the church. It is not just “babysitting.” Many people miss the fact that kids can really know Jesus and experience His presence.

In Mark 10, Jesus dealt with this situation. He was ministering to little children and His very disciples, those closest to Him, missed the significance of what He was doing. The result being Jesus was “much displeased.” He got upset because His leaders under-esteemed the spiritual significance of children.

I am called to help change people’s attitude toward this important age group in the church. I believe that every church must have a powerful vision for children and young people to fulfill their calling, and I will preach this strongly until my time is done. (continued on reverse)

I want to thank all our partners for supporting us. When you do, you will partake of the same reward, both now and eternally, that we receive as we endeavor to obey Jesus. We declare you are entering your best year ever, in Jesus name!


We love you,
Ken & Trudi

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