Ministry Buzz: Supernatural signs…

Ministry Buzz: Supernatural signs…
July 11, 2018 Phoebe Anderson

PRAISING GOD for this amazing story! God confirms His Word with signs following…

We were preaching on Father’s Day in Norco, California. At the end of the service, I sensed the Holy Spirit say, “There is somebody here that has a heart condition and also somebody who has rotator cuff issues. Jesus wants to heal you this morning.”

A man approached the altar in tears. I said, “Which one of these conditions is yours?”

He said, “Both of them!” As I prepared to pray, another man walked up. I asked him which one of the conditions he was there for. His reply was the same, “Both of them.” We prayed for both men and they both reported changes in their bodies after we prayed.

We give God all the glory. He confirms His Word with supernatural signs. He loves His people and wants to touch them.

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