Just Do It.

Warning! Danger! Proceed forward with great care and intentionality. The road is foreboding and fraught with a severe possibility of hazard.

What am I warning you about? The attack on marriage in our culture in 2020. It is without precedent and unrelenting.

Why are you being so negative Pastor Ken? I mean, after all, it’s February. The month of love. Valentine’s Day is this month.

That’s exactly why I’m talking about this. Did you know that the number one day for filing divorce in America is the day after Valentine’s day? And did you know that 80% of those divorces are filed by the wife? It’s like she gave him just one more chance to show her he loved her and he failed again.

There is nothing more destructive to people than divorce. That is why God tells us in Malachi 2…”I hate divorce.” Don’t interpret that wrong. God didn’t say he hated divorced people. Just the opposite is true. God loves people more than anything and he understands how injurious divorce can be. God hates what divorce does to people. The repercussions on you and then your children can go on for generations.

I don’t believe divorce is the unpardonable sin. Sometimes there are legitimate grounds for people divorcing. Yes Jesus forgives, heals and restores. He forgave the woman at the well (John 4) who was a 5 time divorcee and was living with a guy. I’m just saying too many people, including Christians, are throwing their marriages away too easily. Listen. Marriage is a covenant. We have to take it seriously and be willing to put in the work.

These facts define the mission that Trudi and I are called to. Through our traveling ministry to churches across America, our son and daughter in law’s church, New Song in Oklahoma City where I am on staff as the family pastor, and the many resources we produce, we want to see things change. If you are willing to learn what the Bible teaches about family (and the Word is full) and then apply that truth, you can reconstruct the entire trajectory of your family.

Whatever you may be facing in your marriage or raising your children, I encourage you to check out our resources. We have many audio teachings, some free, on our website kenblountministries.com. I especially encourage you to get our book, “Devil Proof Your Family” available through the web and also Amazon.

My daughter in law Sarah has some great resources too, including her book, “Fearless Parenting” and parenting curriculum “Discipleship on the Go.” Just google Sarah Blount for all her info.

We are trusting God for new open doors to share our mission in 2020. New churches and greater influence. The need is profound. Please pray and agree with us for the expansion I know God wants us to have. If you believe in what we are doing you can also support us financially. Just go to our website and find out how. For those of you who already do, thank you.

One last tip. If you want you want to help us reverse those troubling trends I mentioned, do something special for each other this month. Guys, buy her some flowers, look her in the eye, and tell her you love her.

It’s Valentines month. To borrow a famous brand, just do it. Ken and Trudi

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