Jesus: The Great HEALER of Families!

Let’s talk about family. When you think about God and the way He operates, family is everything. The very reason for the creation of human beings is because God wanted a family. When we know Jesus, we are not part of a Christian organization. We become a member of God’s family. God is our father. When we are born again we become brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.

It is family units: dads, moms, and kids that are the very foundation that make up the church family. Because family is so important, we see that family is the #1 target of Satan’s attacks. The devil hates your marriage and he hates your kids. For instance, did you know that 50% of Christian marriages end in divorce?

I have never been divorced, but I know that there is nothing more devastating. Divorce is the tearing apart of a relationship that was intended to last your entire time on the earth. Divorce also carries a stigma. Let me explain.

In Malachi 2:16, God says “I hate divorce.” In some Christian circles, it has been taught that divorce is like the unpardonable sin. If you’ve been divorced you can never serve in some denominational churches. It’s implied that God hates people who have been divorced and is done with them. But that is not what is being said. Here is what God wants us to see.

God hates divorce because divorce hurts people. But God doesn’t hate divorced people. God loves people and doesn’t want them hurt. That is the essence of why He hates divorce. But there are times that divorce is the only alternative. Adultery is grounds for divorce. Also, there are times if your mate refuses to serve Jesus and is impossible to live with that divorce may be the last resort. (1 Corinthians 7:15) I emphasize emphatically, the last resort.

Divorce is never God’s perfect will. God wants us to work things out. But if you have been divorced, Jesus is the great healer. He forgave the woman at the well who was a 5 time divorcee and was living with a guy. There is life after divorce.

This is the reason Trudi and I travel and preach the truth on family. People need teaching from the Word of God to work on their family issues and overcome the attacks of the enemy. You may be having some severe marriage issues. Your kids may seem impossible, but God’s Word has all the answers you need if you are willing to dig in.

I encourage you to go to We have teaching on all sorts of family issues. Much of it is available for free. I highly recommend our book, Devil Proof Your Family. It has the basic principles for building a godly marriage and raising kids.

When you support us you are empowering us to obey God to take this message to the body of Christ at large. Your giving empowers us to go! We thank our faithful partners for all you do.


Have a blessed October,

Ken & Trudi Blount

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