Home Security – The Tracker

In our new teaching series “Home Security,” we talked about how angels are sort of like trackers in the old Western movies.

The tracker always went out before the rest of the cowboys and the herd, looking for water, finding good places to sleep, making sure no one was waiting to steal the horses, etc.  The tracker knew the lay of the land better than anyone else.  He could also move around quicker than a bunch of cowboys pushing a herd of cows.

Our angels do the same type of work for us.  They go before us each day and they scout out the land.  They make sure our path is safe.

In Genesis 24, we read about Abraham and his desire for Isaac to marry a woman from his hometown.  Abraham asked the chief servant in charge of his household to go back to his hometown and find a wife for Isaac.

The servant was a little skeptical.  He asked, “What if the woman doesn’t want to come back with me?”

Abraham confidently answered him, “The Lord, the God of Heaven, will send his angel before you so that you can get Isaac a wife from my hometown.”

With that the servant got some camels and all sorts of good stuff from Abraham and headed off to find Isaac’s future wife.

After traveling a while the servant and his camels stopped at a well.  It just so happened that it was evening (the time when women would go to the well to draw water).  The first woman to come to the well happened to be Rebekah.  She was beautiful and single–and she was related to Abraham.

The servant watched her closely to see if this was the woman for Isaac.  He asked her if there was any room for him and his camels to stay at her father’s house for the night.

Rebekah invited him to stay and when they got to her house, the servant told Rebekah’s parents everything that had led him there and how their daughter was supposed to marry Isaac.  Rebekah’s parents answered, “This is from the Lord.  Here is Rebekah.  Take her and go.”

That’s pretty amazing if you think about it.  This stranger who said he was Abraham’s servant came to their house and asked if he could take their daughter to marry another guy that they’d never met in a faraway place.  But somehow Rebekah’s parents knew it was right.  They knew in their hearts this was from God.

But Rebekah was not going to go for that, right?  Surely she wouldn’t get on a camel and head off with a stranger, would she?

But, she did!  To make a long story short, Rebekah and Isaac were married.  The servant’s mission was accomplished.

This story is full of seeming “coincidences” but they weren’t coincidences at all.  Just as Abraham said, God sent an angel out before his servant to prepare the path ahead of him.

The angel got the servant to the well at the perfect time.  The angel led Rebekah to the well.  The angel prepared Rebekah’s parents’ hearts, and Rebekah’s heart.

The angel was the servant’s tracker.  He got everything ready before the servant even got there.

Your angels today work the same way.  Send them out before you each and every day.  They’ll put you in the right places at the right times.  They’ll help you make the right business contacts.  They’ll cause you to stop at a yellow light instead of rushing through it to keep you from getting into a car accident.  They know what’s ahead.

I encourage you to read this story in Genesis 24 in your quiet time and think about how the angel went ahead of Abraham’s servant and got everything set up perfectly.

Then command your angels to do the same thing for you!


  1. Ignatius Mabasa on February 27, 2013 at 1:01 am

    I love your teachings, they have truly blessed me and my come overflows!

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