He is the Master of Resurrections

My how things have changed in the 30 days since I wrote my last article. In just a month we have gone from the routines of daily life to a general, world wide, stay at home quarantine because of the Coronavirus.This pandemic has affected us in ministry. We can’t meet publicly anymore because of the restricted numbers. Our local church here in Oklahoma City, like so many others, is having online services. My traveling schedule to preach in churches around the country has been put on hold.

Maybe you are dealing with the loss of a job. Maybe you are one of our heroic healthcare providers who faces the dangers of infection every moment of your day. Maybe you or someone you know has been infected by the virus and you are dealing with this sickness. We have all been affected someway. This is worldwide situation with every human on planet earth having to deal with the real challenges we face and the fear of an unknown future.

But as Christians we are believers. We are guided by the Word of Almighty God and the facts that Jesus alone can help us navigate the dark waters we are now facing. Remember, He is the master at resurrections. He alone can bring new life to what appears to be dead.

This month I am sending you a video our church did on Facebook. We had a live prayer event a few days ago. You can click HERE to watch my prayer. The entire video is available of our website kenblountministries.com or the church website, newsongpeople.com. As I prayed about the situation the Lord led me to a Bible story in 2 Chronicles 20 that details how God directed the people of Judah to fight in a time of a severe outnumbered attack and how they obtained victory.

I am sending you the link to a portion of that video that I preached about King Jehoshaphat and I encourage you to watch it in lieu of our monthly article. It is only about 15 minutes long and I think it will bless you.

For those who partner with us financially, thank you. I want to encourage you that the church is not going to go under during this time. I spoke with one of our longtime pastor friends who has supported us for years and he said the giving in his church was actually up. Praise God. We will come out of this. Jesus is Lord and we are more than conquerors through Him.

Thank you partners for all you do to help us obey God. We love you. We have a saying at our church, “Our best days are our next days.” We believe it.

Easter is coming. Resurrection is on our near horizon. Have a blessed April.

Ken and Trud​i

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