Dad’s…You’re IMPORTANT! Father’s Day Promo

We continue to travel across America doing marriage seminars and preaching on family principles. Building a strong family that loves and serves Jesus is a great challenge in the culture of our day, but it CAN be done.

I believe a big key…no…I’m going to say THE big key in building a strong family is men. This is not to say single moms don’t do a good job. I know many that do. But it’s just true in the church. When men lead, families succeed.

Let me give you a nugget. The Old Testament is written in Hebrew, the ancient language of Israel. Hebrew is a very unique language. There are 22 letters in the alphabet. Each letter carries a meaning, and when you put letters together, they contain Bible truths.

For instance, the word “father” is the first 2 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Those letters are Aleph, which corresponds to our English letter “A”, and Bet, like our “B”. So the word “father” in Hebrew is Aleph-Bet, or in English, “Ab”. This word “AB” actually means “the first strong leader of the house.” The word picture associated with this Hebrew word is the ox. The ox is a strong, burden bearing animal.

But stay with me here because this is interesting. The word “Ab”, or father, is also the root of the word love. It means “when the heart of the father is open, it produces love in the family.” But it is also the Hebrew root word of hate. This means “when the heart of the father is closed it produces hatred.”

Wow. Did you get that? We see this so much in our world. We are living in such a fatherless society and it is contributing to so many of the ills we see in culture today. So, what’s the answer? Men taking their place. “But Pastor Ken, I’m a man and I fail so much. What can I do?” Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and then transform your life with the truths of God’s Word.

We would love to help you. In honor of Father’s Day coming up, we are offering our best-selling series, “Pure Man” as a flash sale item at 25% OFF, using Code PURE25. In this series, my son Joshua and I discuss the 8 big issues that every man faces and how to overcome them. We do this from the unique perspectives of both of our generations.
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Many men have been set free from all sorts of issues, including pornography addiction, after listening to this series. Churches have also used this teaching for men’s Bible studies. “Pure Man” is available on CD or you can download it on our website OFFER EXPIRES June 16th.

We’ve gotten some new partners lately – Trudi and I want to welcome you and say a big thank you to everybody. Your consistent giving helps us obey God and fulfill our call.

Have a blessed June,

Ken + Trudi Blount

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