Created for more than just surviving…

I want to talk to you today about vision in your marriage. I believe every marriage needs goals that we keep reaching toward. Vision is the thing that keeps us together through the ups and downs of life. We have been created for more than just paying the bills and surviving. God has created every marriage to fulfill a unique plan on the earth.

Let’s go back in the Bible to see God’s original plan. In the beginning, God declared that He would create man and woman (marriage) in His image, and the plan for them was to “be fruitful, multiply (reproduce themselves in their children) and replenish the earth, subdue it and dominate it”…Genesis 1:27-28. Wow. That is a powerful vision of winning.

We know that the original marriage, Adam and Eve, fell and the plan was skewed, but Jesus came to restore back to us everything Adam lost, including the vision of marriage.

Trudi and I will celebrate 48 years of marriage in August. We have had many challenges and chapters, but I can honestly say today that we are more excited about our future and our heavenly assignment than we have ever been. The reason is, we still have a strong, shared vision that gets us out of bed every morning. Because of that we are living a life of purpose.

I want to encourage you today to stir up your purpose. How?

1. Define how your gifts go together.
Marriages are partnerships with different talents and gifts. I had a musical talent that I developed and was able to write songs for little kids. Trudi is a talented researcher, decorator, administrator and gifted public speaker that people love. Talk with each other about what you are both good at doing, then pursue it! Love what you do.

2. Make your spouse your partner.
Trudi and I have combined our unique talents and discovered how our gifts complement each other. We constantly work on bonding and blending together.

3. Be parents.
Our priority over our careers was to raise kids that love Jesus. Although we weren’t perfect, we loved and raised our kids the best that we could, always making them a priority. Also, love and be a positive influence on your grand-kids.

4. Be friends.
Every night when we turn out the lights before we go to sleep, we lay in bed and have talks. Many times we pray and get direction from the Lord. Make time to talk and be each other’s best friend.

Vision is powerful. I pray that you and your spouse stir up your vision like never before. Thank you for helping Trudi and me do what Jesus called us to do. We could not make it without you partners.


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