Welcome to February 2021. With Valentine’s Day happening this month, it is a time that people think about love and marriage. In the kingdom of God, marriage is the foundational building block for life on planet earth. You could say it this way: God created the earth, then He created a marriage to bring forth generations of life on the earth.

Because of this fact, the enemy; the devil, hates marriage. I believe his biggest guns are aimed at marriages, especially Christian marriages. He knows that if he can destroy marriages he has a great inroad to destroying the church.

That’s why Trudi and I wrote a book called “Devil Proof Your Family.” The heart of our book is that the enemy will bring attacks against your family, but if you will prioritize doing marriage and raising kids God’s way, you can overcome every battle.

A few months ago Trudi and I both contacted the COVID 19 virus. Yeah. We got it. It affected us in different ways. In the beginning I felt drained of energy. This lasted for about 4 days. Then I began to fell better and it was pretty much done except I lost my taste for coffee for a couple of weeks.

Trudi at first didn’t seem to be affected as much as me, but after about a week it hit her hard. She never had breathing problems or even a temperature, but she was drained of energy and just stayed in bed.

This lasted nearly a month. She began slowly recovering and then she got hit with a sinus infection. This just hung on for weeks. She would seem to get better then take a step back the next day. We were into nearly 3 months of her being physically weak and it was playing with her mind.

One night she said to me, “We need to take communion.” Communion is all about going back the foundation of what Jesus did for mankind. God became a man. The son of almighty God came to this earth with the purpose of dying in our place. When he died on that cross to redeem us, his blood was poured out to pay for our tainted, sinful blood. His body was beaten and broken to purchase physical healing for us. That is the essence of the gospel.

When we take communion we drink juice as a token, a remembrance, that his blood was given for us. I drink it as an act of faith that I am receiving his blood to atone for my sin. We take a cracker, put it in our mouth and crush it with our teeth to remember that his body was crushed physically for one big reason: so that our bodies can be healed.

Communion is serious spiritual business. If done haphazardly it can hurt you. In 1 Corinthians 11 Paul says if we take it wrongly that it can cause us to be weak and sickly, and even die. But if you we do it by faith with the proper attitude, it will bring us strength and healing. That is what it is designed by God to do. It is bringing us back to our roots of what we believe to release renewed faith and receive life and health in our bodies.

You don’t have to wait until a church service to take communion. We have taken it many times in our home. That night we got our elements and remembered God’s faithfulness and goodness over the years. We ate the bread. We drank the juice. We worshipped.

The next day Trudi felt a little better. The next day it continued. She began to put good days together one after another. She continues to improve daily. That night marked a change.

Communion is designed to bring us back to the essence of what we believe. It’s all about The price Jesus paid. There is power released when we look at the cross. Whatever may be the attack against your marriage or family, I’m telling you today to go back to the cross.

If it’s physical healing you need, it’s at the cross. If you need wisdom, financial help, whatever the need, go back to the cross. Take communion together and humble yourself in God’s sight. He will lift you up and help you if you will lift him up.

We pray that the supernatural life of God be released in your life as you act on His word.

Have a blessed February. Love you,


Ken and Trudi


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