Combat Division

Divide. Division. I want to zero in on those words with you today. We live in the most divisive times in the history of the world. We see division in how people see this virus that has swept the world. Dividing lines between those that wear masks and those who don’t want to. Deep divisions in the political process we are witnessing. Differing views and opinions separating people along racial lines and producing strife and hatred that are destroying relationships.

What is going on? How did we get here? This all goes way deeper than just the inability of humans to get along. The heart and root of the divide is spiritual. Yes, there is a spiritual world that is real. In fact, the spiritual world is more real than the world that we see. The spiritual world created this world.

God is real too. Jesus really did come to redeem us from the fall. God is good. God loves you. He is the creator of everything we see and experience in this earth. But there is an opposing force. He is Lucifer, the fallen archangel of heaven. He and his forces, other fallen angels now known as demons, are at work to oppose the human race. Satan hates people and the # 1 tool that he uses to hurt people? Division. And his #1 target is marriage.

It began in the garden. God creates a man and a woman to be married. God places them in the garden of Eden to live a dream. It was better than Beverly Hills. They were to walk with God, have babies and build a wonderful, fulfilling life of dominion.

But immediately after the wedding in Genesis 2, Genesis 3 happened: Genesis 3:1 (NKJV) Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said to the woman, “Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?”

There is never a hint of the serpent being around until after the wedding. But as soon as Adam and Eve were married, here comes the enemy. He saw this marriage as a threat to his plan. He knew if he could take down their marriage he could thwart the master plan of God for humanity.

How did he come? He was subtle. One of the renderings of the word satan is “the whisperer that shines.” He takes the things that will destroy our lives and makes them look so captivating and exciting. He doesn’t tell you that his goal is to wreck your life, but it is. He just needs you to cooperate.

And what is his strategy? Division. Satan knew the key to take down Adam and Eve was to divide their marriage. Let’s break the word division down. The prefix is di, which means 2. Division means 2 visions. If he can get them divided and fighting each other it would take their focus off the real problem they needed to deal with, which was him. He knew if he could get them blaming each other, he could divide them from fulfilling their vision.

The tool of division is words. v. 3…”has God said?” He divides marriages by whispering words of doubt into our minds. He tries to separate us by speaking words that will cause us to turn on each other.

We combat division with good words to each other. Words of love. God’s Word. Our words carry power and authority. But our words can also destroy and tear down. Use your words to create what you desire. That’s what God does and you are created in His image.

Trudi and I try to start every day by drinking coffee and praying. We speak scriptures when we pray. God’s Word in your mouth is the #1 tool to combat division. We pray over our marriage, our kids and grandkids, our church, the nation and president and over the different challenges we face. Our words unite us and arm us with faith.

Words can be used by Satan to divide, but when you speak God’s Word it unites you to build a new future.

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Have a blessed October,

Ken and Trudi

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