Ministry Buzz: People need the truth like never before…

It is such a privilege to be called into the ministry. Every day I see more and more evidence of how vital our calling is.

Trudi and I are preachers of the gospel, but our special emphasis is on family issues. As we travel to local churches, produce resources, and oversee family ministry in our church here in Oklahoma City pastored by my son and his wife, Joshua and Sarah Blount; we see the reasons God has raised us up.

The basic principles of family as God ordained it in the Bible are under severe attack worldwide. Think about it. The growing acceptance of same sex marriage is an attack against the foundational truths that God set forth in the first chapters of Genesis and that were reiterated by Jesus when He said…”at the beginning God created them male and female…a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife…” Matthew 19:4-5.

Also, the growing debate about abortion; the when’s and how’s of it that we hear in the news daily, didn’t begin in 1973 when Roe vs. Wade was approved. It goes all the way back to the beginning of time with the Assyrian worship of the idol Molech, when people would murder newborns by “passing them through the fire”, which meant they were burning babies alive! That was wrong then, and it’s still wrong today.

During this time of moral shaking people need the truth from the Word of God to set them free. This is why Trudi and I continue to travel to churches and teach on marriage and parenting. Your financial support helps us keep going and enables us to also produce resources that people need.

In closing, I want to make you aware of all the resource tools that are on our website. In the last few months we have been making more of our teaching available for download online, many of them for no charge. Simply enter your email on the pop-up that says “Let’s Connect” to gain access to our free content. Then avail yourself to take advantage of all the great series that we have spent our life studying and putting together.

I would like to encourage those of you who support us monthly to simplify your giving by doing it online. You can save on postage and it is very convenient. All you have to do is click GIVE on our website and follow the prompts.

Using this simple way to give, you will be able to set up your recurring electronic contribution  to make giving more convenient. If you do choose to give this way, we will discontinue the monthly letter mailed to your home or church and you will begin to receive it direct to your inbox. You can now read that online or in the email we send out.

Thank you for your continued financial support and prayers. Because of you, we can obey and go.

Have a blessed May,

Ken and Trudi

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