Sowing Seeds

The enemy attacks what he fears.

He fears families passing their faith to their children. It’s one of the biggest threats to him.

So what happens when we sow seeds?

When we sow God’s Word into the hearts of our kids, it is incorruptible seed that never goes away. You are giving the Holy Spirit something to work with. It allows Him to bring things to the child’s remembrance for a lifetime.

It may not seem like they are getting it, but the work of the Holy Spirit can use us to minister to them when they really need it! The Word of God really is life-producing seed!


  • How can you sow seeds of the Word into your children everyday this week?
  • Look into your own walk and ask the Lord if you are sowing seeds into your own life as well.

We are dedicated to teaching the Word of God to build up families in these troubled days in which we live. For more info on resources that will transform, be sure to check out the tools available in the Family Resources section of our website.


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