Marriage is Unity in Diversity

Ecclesiastes 4:12…And a 3 fold cord is not quickly broken.

Unity is not sameness. Unity doesn’t mean you will agree on everything. True unity happens when a man and a woman are able to operate together in the uniqueness that they have been created by God to be. Let’s look at an example.

A couple took a trip down the Amazon river in South America. There was a converging with another river on the trip. One of the rivers was a grayish brown and the other river was a greenish blue. The couple was intrigued to know what color would emerge as a the rivers combined. Amazingly, one side of the river stayed grayish brown and the other side greenish blue. They now flowed as one river but maintained their uniqueness. This is marriage. You each have a different color to bring to the union.


As a couple take some time to talk about some of the ways you are the same. Then talk about some of the ways you are different. Have some fun with it. Be careful not to put each other down over your dissimilarities. This doesn’t make you superior or inferior. Remember, God made you each very unique and different. Marriage is unity in diversity.


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