Ecclesiastes 4:12…And a 3 fold cord is not quickly broken.

The Bible begins with the story of a married couple walking with God. But Adam and Eve disobeyed their God directive. The result? Extreme loss. They lost their home and lifestyle. But the most devastating loss they experienced was the presence of God that they had known. The God who had walked and talked with them had to remove them from his presence. Even though they still had each other, life must have become so hard separated from this father they had known so intimately.

Oh but thank God Jesus came. His death and resurrection brought back the intimacy of God into our lives. If you’re a believer, God is not only with you, He lives in you by the power of the Holy Spirit. But the truth is many Christian couples don’t experience the intimacy of the Holy Spirit for one simple reason: they don’t invite Him in. In our marriages we need to make a big deal about His presence. The more you do, the more of His presence you will experience.


For one week come together as a couple and pray for 5 minutes. Target 1 major thing in your marriage and family that you would like to see happen. Find a scripture that answers that need and pray it in agreement. Do this for 7 days. I promise that you will be amazed how this will unite you together in faith.


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