Ecclesiastes 4:12…And a 3 fold cord is not quickly broken.

God made man from the dust of the earth. Maybe that’s why men don’t seem to mind dirt as much as women. Woman didn’t come from the dirt. She came from the man.

Genesis 2:22 (NLT) Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib, and he brought her to the man.

Woman came from the rib. But the original text actually says the “side.” It’s like God nearly cut Adam in two to extract Eve. Without her Adam is missing a big piece of himself. But this is very interesting. The word “rib” in the original text actually means, “for advice.” God designed the wife to walk alongside the husband in partnership together.


The wife is designed to be the man’s best advisor and counsel in the marriage. In order to receive that wisdom the man needs to bring her in close. This is a relationship that you have to work on and develop, but it begins with the husband bringing his wife into the details of life. If you will bring her in close and believe in her, you’ll be amazed at the wisdom she will give you.


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