Children: The Greatest Gift

Psalms 127:3 (KJV) Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward.

Children are a reward from God. They are the greatest gift that God could ever give to a human. Our children are our legacy. They are designed to carry on our life after we have departed this world. They are our heritage.

Think about this. Let’s say you get a letter that a rich relative has died and left you an inheritance. It is a 35 room mansion in the country. It is surrounded by beautiful landscaping with a lake in the back. You are excited and blessed as you check out your new inherited property. But then the reality sinks in. Although this place is beautiful and valuable, it will have to be maintained. It won’t take care of itself. It will keep its value only if I continue to invest in its care.

Children are like that. They are an inheritance from heaven, but it takes purposeful time and energy to invest in each one of them. They need parents. They need to be trained and loved. There are not good kids and bad kids. There are just trained children and untrained children. Parenting is the most important job in the universe.


We need to recognize that children are a gift. Training children can be tough. You may be facing some big challenges today. What can you do? Pray. No matter what you’re facing, begin by thanking the Lord for your child. Receive them as a gift from heaven, no matter how they may be acting. That is the beginning of receiving the answers from heaven that you need to raise them.


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