Ecclesiastes 4:12…And a 3 fold cord is not quickly broken.

There is a way to guarantee that your marriage will never fail. No divorce. 100%. Never. Guaranteed. What is it? Please tell me. It’s simple yet profound.

As long as each one of you is serving Jesus and putting Him #1 in your individual lives, you’ll never get a divorce. But what if my spouse decides to divorce me? Theoretically they could. You can’t make your spouse serve God. Not even God will do that. But you can make the decision yourself to make Jesus Lord.

“But I’m human and I make mistakes.” That’s right, but if you continue to repent and keep him Lord of your life you will always come back and make it right. When you will do that, it makes you pretty much an irresistible marriage partner.

Marriage doesn’t work because you love each other so much. Marriage works because you are each committed to Jesus and love Him. You put him first. Individually. You make a daily decision to make him Lord. When both parties will do that, nothing can ever separate you.


Keeping Jesus #1 is a daily routine. The Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6 teaches us to say, “Give is this day our daily bread.” Its great to be faithful to church, but we all need a daily way of connecting with God and reading His Word. For me, I read through the Bible every year with daily portions. Different programs work for different people. But discover a plan of connecting with Jesus daily that works for you. Have discussions with your spouse of what God is telling you. Putting Jesus first will empower you. When you are in the 3 fold cord, you are next to impossible to defeat.


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