Let’s face it. All of us live busy lives in a fast-paced society, and every day we get bombarded by the media and by social pressures that distort the image of what God wants for our home and our families.

In an average month, less than one in ten churched families worship together outside of a church service.

That means that nine out of ten churched families do not pray or study the Bible at home together.

The Jew of Jesus’ day believed that a person demonstrated their love for God by the priority they placed on the spiritual education of their children. It’s not enough to just go to church for a few hours on Sunday and let the world take over the rest of the week. The world is going downhill fast, and it’s taking a lot of unsuspecting families with it. So what do we do? How can we change things?

That’s where Ken Blount Ministries comes in.

The heartbeat of KBM is helping the local church and its families connect with God. In a culture that often de-values family life and undermines God’s design for marriage and parenting, Ken Blount Ministries stands determined to provide families with the resources, the skills, and the spiritual support needed to go against the flow.

With a background of 30+ years in ministry, Ken and Trudi Blount’s godly wisdom, practical experience, and passion to see families succeed will inspire and equip you to raise up a strong family in this corrupt world.