Ecclesiastes 4:12…And a 3 fold cord is not quickly broken.

When my son Joshua was around the age of 5 he came to his mother one day with a question, “If God is the father, and Jesus is the son, who is the mother?” His little mind was picking up on a truth.

The Godhead is a picture of the human family. God is the father, Jesus is the son. Although the Holy Spirit is not a female (Jesus referred to Him as He), He does have the characteristics of the mother. How so? Think about it. The Holy Spirit is a helper. He won’t do things for you, but He is right beside you to help you as you live out a life of faith. The Holy Spirit comforts in times of trouble. He is always there by your side and will never leave you. These are just a few of His wonderful attributes.

Jesus referred time and again to the Holy Spirit as the helper. He won’t do it for you, but He helps us when we ask Him. But He is gentle. He will not intrude into your affairs. He must be invited. He yearns to assist you in your marriage, but you must ask Him if you want Him to be involved. When we invite Him in He will be the 3rd part of the cord that can’t be broken.


Sit down as husband and wife and determine what is the greatest challenge you may be facing today. Pray together and invite the Holy Spirit into the situation. Lay out to the Lord the situation and how you both feel about it. Then ask The Holy Spirit for wisdom. It probably won’t come immediately, but wait for some time for the Holy Spirit to talk to each of you. I promise you He will.



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