Raising A Financially Fit Family

Raising A Financially Fit Family


Raising A Financially Fit Family
by Ken & Trudi Blount

For many families, one of the biggest sources of disagreement and aggravation is the subject of family finances. For many, the money coming in never seems to match the money going out. Then of course, there always follows the stress of what to spend the money on, and when, and how much, and where, and so on and so on.

Getting control of your finances means a lot more than just getting control of your money. It means getting a handle on your habits, your thinking, and your short-term and long-term goals.

God wants to help you with your family’s finances. He wants his people to be fiancially fit so we don’t look like financial wimps. But the key to receiving God’s help is: You have to DO THINGS HIS WAY! In this four-disc series, Ken and Trudi Blount will walk you through the ins and outs of God’s financial plan for the Christian family.

  • Disc One — Till Debt Do Us Part
  • Disc Two — Money Talks: What is Yours Saying?
  • Disc Three — The Money Trap
  • Disc Four — Sowing For Life

$24 (plus S&H)


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