Marriage on The Road of Life

Marriage on The Road of Life


Marriage on The Road of Life

How-To’s For Navigating Life on The Rocky Road of Marriage
by Ken & Trudi Blount

Research shows that 75% of couples are unhappy in their marriages. Why is this? Because many couples try to navigate life and marriage on autopilot. After they say, “I do,” they say, “I don’t,” to a lot of the little things that make marriage work. Couple that with the fact that you have an enemy (No, not your spouse…it’s the devil!), and his driving passion is to arouse conflict in your marriage. It’s easy to see how so many married people find themselves in a ditch, sooner or later, with partners that are either divorced or unhappy.

God has a strategy for marriage success, and if we follow it, it will lead to an amazing life. In this 2-disc teaching series, Ken and Trudi Blount define the roles of husbands and wives on the road of life together. They also give you the practical insight you need to help you avoid getting lost or breaking down on your way to God’s destination for you.

2-CD Series
$12 (plus S&H)


  1. Kim

    Excellent cd’s! This is especially great for those of us who have been married for a little while. Pastor Ken & Rev. Trudi remind us that love means, “I will give,” & to continue to be better givers to each other in our marriage. They encourage husbands & wives to show the same diligence & effort in their marriage as they continue down “the road of life” together, as they once did in the very beginning. Satan wants to destroy marriages, but in this cd set, you will learn how to reign in life together as husband & wife.

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