Devil-Proofing Your Marriage

Devil-Proofing Your Marriage


Devil-Proofing Your Marriage
By Ken & Trudi Blount

Make no mistake about it. The devil has targeted your marriage for destruction, and he will use everything in his arsenal to try to bring your marriage down.

Why? Because good marriages are the foundation of solid families and solid families are the foundation of great churches. The devil knows this, and that’s why he attacks the family.

The good news is that we possess potent weapons designed to stop the devil in his tracks. When a married couple is unified in the Word—memorizing it, proclaiming it, and applying it to the specific attacks against their marriage—the devil doesn’t stand a chance.

In this three-disc series, Ken and Trudi Blount will outline specific Bible-based steps and strategies that will help you devil-proof your marriage.

In this series you will learn:

  • How To Have Great Sex
  • When To Submit & When Not To
  • The Actions That Express Love
  • 14 Steps For Taking Your Wife On A Date
  • How To Speak Life Into Your Mate
  • The Top Needs Of Husbands & Wives
  • Positioning Your Marriage For Blessing
  • 7 Keys To Grace Thinking
  • Hebrew Courtship & Marriage
  • What The Bible Says About Divorce

$18 (plus S&H)


  1. Kim

    Great cd set! Lots of practical information, along with info from God’s word for both husbands & wives. Your marriage can be better than ever as you continue to apply what is taught in “Devil Proofing Your Marriage!”

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