Devil-Proofing Your Children

Devil-Proofing Your Children


Devil-Proofing Your Children
By Ken & Trudi Blount

The devil’s attacks against our children are insidious. He doesn’t play fair or have mercy on them because they are little and innocent. He is an equal opportunity hater.

The devil wants to ruin your children’s lives. He wants to indoctrinate them with his lies. He wants to steal away their innocence. He wants to keep them from the knowledge of God and God’s promises, and he will use anything within his power, every trick in his book, to do so.

It’s up to us as parents to fight the battle against the spirits and culture of this world with the Spirit and Word of God. How we handle this assignment as parents is a huge factor in terms of how our children turn out.

In this three-disc series, Ken and Trudi Blount help you understand what it takes to raise children by God’s design and protect them from the schemes of the devil.

In this series you will learn:

  • How To Train Up A Champion
  • How To Build A Family Dynasty
  • Teaching Kids To Tithe
  • Parenting With Balance
  • Letting Go As Children Grow
  • The Lines Of Parental Communication
  • The Mindset Of A Warrior Parent
  • Why “Because I Said So” Doesn’t Work

$18 (plus S&H)


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