Blending A Family

Blending A Family


Blending A Family
By Ken & Trudi Blount

3-CD Series

Make no mistake about it. The devil has targeted your marriage for failure. Blending families in second or third marriages is one of the greatest causes of divorce. Statistics tell us that 50% off all first time marriages fail. That number jumps to 60% for second marriages. So, six out of every ten second marriages or remarriages fail.

Why is this? Because of the baggage. Every person who enters into a marriage, be it a husband, a wife or a child, enters into that marriage with bags that are filled with the good and bad experiences that person has encountered during their lifetimes.
The heaviness of this baggage from past failures and hurts is enough to weigh any marriage down and bring it to a screeching halt if not dealt with properly. We serve a God who loves His people and gives us second chances in many areas of our lives… including marriage. In fact, “Redeemer” is one of God’s names.

And that’s what this message series is all about. Redeeming your marriage, helping repair the damage, and throwing off the weights from past failures, no matter whose fault.

In this series you will learn:

  • How To Raise Children In A Blended Home
  • Generational Curses, What They Are And How To Break Them
  • What The Bible Says About Divorce
  • How To Forgive Yourself And Your Former Spouse
  • What It Takes To Make Two Families One
  • How To Be An Amazing Step-Parent
  • And More!

$18 (plus S&H)


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