• Echo

    Sitting in my living room right now I’m looking at pictures of my children and grandchildren. As I gaze into…

  • Family Builder: Listen

    Family Builder: Listen We all want to be heard and we believe our opinion is important. But one of the…

    By Ken Blount
  • Family Builder: Deposits

    In lieu of our monthly partner letters, we are going to start sending out weekly teaching on biblical, practical keys…

    By Ken Blount
  • Passing the Baton

    Maybe you’ve heard of the song “Live Like You Were Dying” that was a big country music hit a few…

    By Ken Blount
  • The Most Important Job in the World

    Just maybe the most important job in the world is…wait for it…parenting. That’s right. Not leading a corporation, or inventing…

    By Ken Blount
  • Marriage

    Trudi and I have traveled to churches all over the country the last 20 years. We have conducted many meetings…

    By Ken Blount
  • Your House Can Be Saved

    Your house can be saved At this point in my life I rest assured in the assignment that Jesus placed…

  • The Devil is a Liar

    The devil is a liar. There. I said it. I just need to get that out of my system. And…

    By Ken Blount
  • Communion

    Welcome to February 2021. With Valentine’s Day happening this month, it is a time that people think about love and…

    By Ken Blount
  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone. Welcome to 2021. So what does the new year hold for us? No doubt we see…

    By Ken Blount
  • Jesus Is Lord

    Welcome to December. It’s no revelation to anybody when I say that we are living in very uncertain times. 2020…

    By Ken Blount
  • Turn Your Hearts

    God called Trudi and me to start a traveling ministry 18 years ago. The Lord directed us to preach specifically…

    By Ken Blount

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